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How to Softmod with Krayzie's Ndure Installer 1.1.1


Learn how to softmod your Xbox using Krazyies Softmod Installer. This softmod installer allows you to access LIVE and create new gamertags while keeping your Xbox softmodded.

How to Softmod Your Xbox With Krayzie Ndure Installer
Written by AzzidReign


Newest Microsoft Dashboard: Click Here for more details and possible update procedures. You can aquire the newest Microsoft Dashboard by either going on Xbox Live and getting the updates or getting the Halo 2 Expansion disc and installing the update.

Action Replay:

Buy it HERE!

Must own 1 of these 3 games:

Xbox LIVE! Gamertag: Must have a gamertag on your Xbox before you softmod. If you do not, you will have to use the Extras folder that comes with the installer. View tutorial here

Krayzie's Softmod Installer Files:
Splinter Cell NTSC
Splinter Cell Pal
007 - AUF
Mech Assault 1
Having troubles downloading from Check out this tutorial:

NOTE: When you are done downloading, make sure to unrar/unpack the files. NEVER UNPACK THE UDATA WHEN YOU SEE IT.

Getting your gamesaves on your Memory Unit (MU)
1. Install the software that came with your Action Replay (will be referred as AR from now on). If you are confused at what this means, a disc comes with AR, put that in and install it.

2. Plug in your AR USB adapter into your USB port on your computer. Make sure your memory card is in the adapter now.

3. Bring up the AR program. It should look like this (the pictures below show SID installer but it's the same concept, it just won't say SID for the file):

4. Navigate to your Krayzie Ndure Installer folder and in that folder, go to the save folder (for Splinter Cell, there is 2 saves folders) and drag the udata (remember to drag BOTH udata's for SC if thats the game you are using) to the Memory Card (MC) slot on your AR software. It should look like this:

5. Once you have both files on your MC, remove it from the AR adapter and bring it over to your Xbox. Plug it into your controller and boot up your Xbox without a game in the drive.

6. Transfer the files onto your hard drive (hdd). To do this go to the "Memory" screen from the main standard MS Dashboard. When you get into the memory menu, click on the memory card (by pressing left on the D-Pad) and select it by pressing A. When you get into your memory card and find the file, you might have to press the right button on your D-Pad to select the file and then choose copy. Do this for BOTH files or else the installation will not work/start.

Krayzie Softmod 1.1 Tutorial

The 007 version needs to be loaded a certain way in order to get the save working otherwise it will just boot to a black
screen. When you get to the load game screen DONT'T select load game but start a new one. Then when you reached the actual
game (after the cutscene), hit the start button and select quit game, Then go back to the load game screen and this time
select "load game".

Step 1: Now that the files have been transfered to the Xbox, put the game in that you are going to use to softmod with (Splinter Cell, Mechassault, 007:AUF). Each game is different when it comes to how to load linux. Here's the break down:

Splinter Cell: Go to Start Game, click LINUX, and you wont see any check points, but still press A for the Check Points twice. Then the installer should load up. Pics of the process:

Mechassault: Go to Campaign, click Run Linux and that should load the installer. Mechassualt is known to be harder to get the installer loading since it requires a certain edition. Please be sure that when you have 'Run Linux' highlighted, the files description is as follows:
Controls: Normal
Difficulty: Regular
Current Level: Going Down Hard
If that does not show up, then you will have to get a different version or get Splinter Cell or 007.
Pics of the process:

007: Go to Load Mission, then select the Xbox Hard Disk option and that should load the installer. Pics of the process:

NOTE: If it loads a black/blank screen, this means that your MU (memory unit) is corrupting the files. People have been able to fix this by using a different MU to transfer the gamesaves.

Step 2: Click 1st Backup EEPROM
-- Click Yes or OK for the next 2 windows then a new screen will come up and click BACKUP EEPROM

Step 3: I suggest going to SETTINGS at the bottom, get your IP and FTP to your Xbox (view this tutorial to FTP). Once you are in your Xbox, navigate to your EEPROM backup and transfer it to your computer.

Step 4: OPTIONAL: If you don’t have FTP access, then click COPY EEPROM TO MU. This will back up your EEPROM to your memory card (MU = MEMORY UNIT).

Step 5: Click Basic Installation

Step 6: PERSONAL PREFERENCE: I suggest using UNLEASHX (UX) for this step since its more user friendly for beginners. Once you become more advanced, I suggest moving over to EvolutionX (EvoX) since you can customize it more.

Step 7: After choosing one of the dashboards stated above, you will get a message asking to PROCEED. Please, if you didn’t verify your current MS Dashboard BEFORE you started this softmod process, please restart your Xbox and check to see what your dashboard is. If you know for sure its MS 5960, the proceed.

Step 8: It’s going to go through screens, read them to know what is going on and keep proceeding. All that’s going on is the installer is checking to make sure it can move it without running into errors. Once everything is present, it will begin softmodding your Xbox.

Step 9: Once it is done modifying your Xbox, you will get a message saying to turn off your Xbox or press OK. Press OK. Once it is shut off, press the EJECT button to get your game out.

Step 10: You will get a screen that says PRESS A. Press it. Read the message that comes up and click ok.

Step 11: Once it is done making the Shadow C, you will be a completion message. Read each message that comes up after you click OK.

Your Xbox will then restart and you now have a MODIFIED XBOX! Congrats!

Update to Krayzies 1.1.1
Krayzie Ndure Installer 1.1.1 Update <---DOWNLOAD
Unpack that file after you've downloaded it.

Getting The Files Ready
1. In your Krayzie 1.1 folder, you should find an EXTRAS folder. Open it up.
2. Open your Krayzie 1.1.1 update folder.
3. Choose the game you used (SC = Splinter Cell, MA = Mech Assault, 007 = 007 AUF)
4. Copy the contents from your 1.1.1 folder to the EXTRAS folder and overwrite the config.xml. Make sure it overwrites it. If it doesn't, delete the config.xml in the EXTRAS and then transfer over the config.xml from the 1.1.1 folder.
5. FTP to your Extras folder in E:\Apps\
Time to UPGRADE!
1. Go back to your Xbox and restart it.
2. Go to APPS in your modded dashboard and go to Krayzie Extras. All passcodes are button sequence: AYBX
3. Click Update to 1.1.1

Get On Xbox LIVE! (2 ways: coldboot and dual boot)
First, make sure that you have your network settings setup right. Usually people are on an automatic IP, so change your IP setting to DHCP (aka automatic IP). You can find this setting in your MODDED DASH, go to settings, and look for a network setting, in there you will see a setting for your IP.

There are 2 ways for you to get on Xbox LIVE! The first and highly recommended way is to cold boot:

1. Put your game disc in the Drive.
2. Turn your Xbox off
3. Press the power button to turn your Xbox on while the game is still in the drive

This should make it so you do not boot to your modified bios therefore allowing you to get on Xbox LIVE!

The second way is to set up a dual boot system. Do not do this if you are wanting to do the part of the tutorial to enable yourself to create gamertags.

Dual Boot (XBL Compatible)
1. Reload your linux installer (go back into your game to load it)
2. Select Multiboot
3. Choose ‘Dual Retail’.
Now, when you want to go on Live, press the Eject (larger) button. When the dash loads, check to see if the LED is green. If it’s green, you are good to go. Put the game in and you can now play on live.

Create Xbox LIVE! gamertags
1. Go to Apps
2. Go to Krayzie Extras
3. Go to Dual Boot
4. Choose Dual Boot LiveDash

Now when you hit your EJECT button to turn your Xbox on, that should lead you to your Live dash which should give you the option to create new gamertags.

Please click the "Thanks" button and "+rep" if this tutorial helped you out.

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