Sunday, February 3, 2008

Xbox Live packages get spiffy new look

We love a good old fashioned retail package redesign, so when we spotted a 12 month Xbox Live subscription card sporting a new paint job, we just had to share.

Recently, we discovered new and redesigned 12 month subscription cards at our local Best Buy and, after doing a double take, we fell in love with the new spotted look. And the old designs weren't even that bad. Anyway, we hopped online to find some press shots of the newly redesigned packages and came across the gallery pictures below. We couldn't find pictures of the prettified subscription cards, but we did find pics of both 12 and 3 month Live starter bundles. The subscription cards' new design is very similar to these bundles and we expect the whole Xbox Live retail lineup to see prettier packaging within' the next few months.

Yes, we know, It's all cosmetic. But darned if we aren't suckers for updated packaging. So, without further need to wait, take a look at the new and improved packaging design for the 3 and 12 month Xbox Live bundles as we try to track down pics of the other retail offerings. Lovely, no?

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